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Commission Overload is the newest product by Tim Atkinson and Kenny Canon that recently launched in March 2011. You see Tim is extremely passionate about delivering value and content. He is not one of those gurus that only cares about selling a product he wants to give you a complete understanding of his tactics as [...]

Top Notch Affiliate Training

If someone could show you the exact steps for making over a million dollars in affiliates sales using a proven formula which generates huge pay days would you sit up and pay attention? You bet you would. If there was one person you could learn from when it comes to successfully promoting products it would [...]

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog page. This is my first post and a fairly new blog. Being that it is new I really have not decided which way I am going to go with it yet.I was thinking along the lines of some sort of marketing site. Being that as of late I have found [...]